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Questionnaire for IASI Applicants

Please note that this questionnaire is entirely voluntary and no answer will have any bearing whatsoever on your application. We are simply seeking honest and accurate information so we can assess the position of the profession as a whole. Feel free to expand on your answers on separate (more…)

What’s New For Members?

  • For 2003, membership in IASI is open to all practitioners who can demonstrate certification training at the Rolf Institute┬«, GSI, Hellerwork┬«, Soma, IPSB, Core, Mana, KMI, Zentherapy or other, similar 10-session recipe programs. Beginning in June 2004, evaluation will be required.
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What Kind of Organization is IASI?

IASI was incorporated in January, 2002, as a non-profit membership organization (501c6), for the following purposes:

  1. To link all practitioners of Structural Integration into a professional membership organization.
  2. To establish and administer a professional certification process (more…)