Questionnaire for IASI Applicants

Please note that this questionnaire is entirely voluntary and no answer will have any bearing whatsoever on your application. We are simply seeking honest and accurate information so we can assess the position of the profession as a whole. Feel free to expand on your answers on separate paper, and also feel free to answer only those items you wish or you can answer this entire questionnaire on-line.


What “brand” of Structural Integration do you practice, or what is your school affiliation?

How many years have you practiced SI, and what was your profession before?

How many clients, approximately, have you taken through a ten-session series?

How many sessions constitute your basic series, if not 10?

Do you take photos or perform any other structural documentation?

How many SI sessions do you provide per average month, and what is your charge?

What percentage of your practice is 3rd party payment (reimbursed by insurance)?

Do you identify yourself to the public primarily as an SI practitioner, or through another modality?

Are you nationally certified through NCBTMB? Does your state/country require licensing?

Do you teach structural bodywork or SI? If so, where and in what capacity?


Primary teacher(s) and number of hours of training:

In what areas do you feel your training was strong? Lacking?

Does your school/program offer continuing professional support?


Have you ever had a formal complaint lodged against you for unethical behavior?

Has your license/certification ever been revoked?

Do you feel confident in handling ethical/professional issues that arise in an SI practice?


What separates SI from other forms of bodywork/intervention?

Is SI primarily a medical / psychotherapeutic / spiritual healing / educational modality for you?

What future would you like to see for SI?


What types of services would you like to see IASI offer?

What are your concerns about IASI?

If IASI held a profession-wide symposium, meeting in late 2005, would you:

____Definitely attend ___Might attend ___Unlikely attend ___Definitely not be interested

Are you willing to help get IASI started by joining a working group?

PRINT and MAIL to: IASI, P.O. BOX 8664, MISSOULA, MT 59807, USA

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