Current practitioners and students of Structural Integration, please note the above date. After June 30th, all candidates for IASI will be required to pass through the credentialing process to become a member (see article below on the proposed format for the credentialing process). Current students of the schools listed below are invited to join as a student member, and will be allowed to grandfather into IASI upon graduation. After the grandfathering period ends we will be reviewing school training programs, eliminating those that have less than 400 hours of series-oriented Structural Integration training. Sufficient training will be part of the credentialing process, as detailed later in this newsletter. This process will evolve over time via the usual trial and error gamut, and we are encouraging input, opinions and feedback

Is Another Organization Necessary?

Why join IASI? Why send membership dues to ANOTHER organization with CE hoops to jump through?

Structural Integration is growing out into the world, and with ten or more training programs out there, variations on a theme begin to develop. Which of these variations are valid explorations, which represent dilutions, and which are total changes of direction? Change and evolution are important and unavoidable, but when the basic premises that Dr. Rolf delineated for us are lost then a really sad thing has happened. IASI has no intention of putting an end to the exploration of variations. We do want the theme to remain intact—basics such as the series process, gravity, connective tissue, the line. The credentialing process is not designed to select out applicants based on the variations they’ve learned, but is intended to provide a wake-up call to those who’ve missed out on the theme, and pull together the community of practitioners who have learned and apply the theme in their practice.

Many bodywork modalities are gaining in popularity in this rebirth of natural healing. We all know that Structural Integration is different from massage. Creating this distinction, however, has been made difficult by confusion in the public mind about SI,
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Open to all SI Practitioners:

IASI Symposium

The first IASI Symposium is slated for October, 2005. Look for further information during the upcoming year. It will be an exciting opportunity to meet, debate and explore our heritage and evolutions.

Dr. Rolf’s Work—Origins and Evolution: The Annual Meeting of The Rolf Institute®

July 30th—August 1st, 2004 in Boulder, Colorado at Naropa University’s Nalanda campus

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Your Questions, Answered!

What is IASI?

IASI is the professional membership organization for the entire profession of Structural Integration. It was formed in 2003 to unite and promote the interests of all those who practice the work pioneered by Dr. Ida Rolf. IASI currently has just under 400 members.

What are the benefits of being an IASI member?

IASI links you to the larger world of Structural Integration, an approach that is growing and developing rapidly. Becoming a member shows that you are dedicated to the highest standards of practice, professional accountability, and increased communication among the various schools and approaches to this complex and valuable craft. [continued on Page 5]

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