What’s New For Members?

  • For 2003, membership in IASI is open to all practitioners who can demonstrate certification training at the Rolf Institute┬«, GSI, Hellerwork┬«, Soma, IPSB, Core, Mana, KMI, Zentherapy or other, similar 10-session recipe programs. Beginning in June 2004, evaluation will be required.
  • IASI can provide a diverse array of continuing education opportunities, cross-fertilization among practitioners and teachers from differing schools, and concerted action on behalf of Structural Integration practitioners everywhere.
  • Insurance: IASI now provides liability insurance for North American practitioners through the ABMP. For information on insurance, visit the ABMP’s site, or call 1-800-458-2267.


  • Members Update: The on-line library is now up and running. In the Members area of the website, select Articles & Research for an index to articles about Structural Integration.
  • Members can now go to their listing in the Members section and update their profiles with CE courses and whatever specialties they may have. A “More Details” link appears on the right hand side of their listing when there’s additional information.
  • For the general public: The Find a Practitioner list is now operating. It can search on NAME, CITY, STATE, and/or COUNTRY. It shows a list of practitioners, where and when they graduated, and any contact information.