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JULY 2004: The grandfathering deadline for entry into IASI has passed. If you missed this deadline for some reason, and would still like to join, the IASI Board will be considering late requests. Please send in your application materials along with a short letter explaining your reasons for delay and we will contact you about the Board’s decision.

MAY 2004: The grandfathering period ends June 30, 2004!

DEC 2003: Newsletter #2 (November 2003) was mailed out and is now on-line

NOV 2003: The grandfathering period has been extended to June 2004!

  • Newsletter #1 (May 2003) is now on-line
  • The Members-only Working Groups area is now a general Members Forum. Post a message today!

JUN 2003: Issue #1 of our Newsletter has been mailed out.

MAY 2003: IASI now offers Liability Insurance through a discounted co-membership with the ABMP (details are mailed to new members or you can contact ABMP directly)

APR 2003: The FIND A PRACTITIONER section is now up and running. Check out if there’s a SI Practitioner near you!

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