October 8, 2002

Dear Structural Integration Practitioner,

Enclosed is our second mailing on the formation of the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI).

The response to our first mailing was a widespread and gratifying interest in forming an inclusive membership organization for SI practitioners. We are now ready to accept members for IASI, so this mailing includes an application form plush an optional questionnaire, as well as updated information on IASI’s development and benefits.

This may be the first time you have received a letter on IASI as we continue to search out mailing lists of trained Structural Integrators. Further mailings, publications, and ultimately a profession-wide symposium will follow in due course.

We appreciate your help in passing this on to (or letting us know about) other Structural Integration practitioners who may not have received this mailing, so that we can reach as many SI folks as possible.

We are well aware of the difficulty of what we are undertaking. The historical boundaries and trust issues that have separated the various schools and practices of Structural Integration may not be easy to overcome. Bridging these differences, however, is a small task compared to the difficulties we face if we allow SI to be subsumed entirely into the field of massage, as has been creeping up on us for a number of years.

We feel that an opportunity currently exists for uniting the profession, and that taking this opportunity will benefit everyone involved, and insure the continued positive development of Ida Rolf’s work.

We hope you will read this mailing and be encouraged to join and support this organization designed to advocate the long-term health of your chosen vocation.

The current information on IASI developments are listed on the IASI web site:

Thank you for taking the time to understand what IASI is and can be.


Lisa Fairman, President
Thomas Myers, Vice President
Marilyn Beech, Secretary/Treasurer

P.O. Box 8664

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