IASI’s Mission Statement

The International Association of Structural Integrators is a professional association for Structural Integrators. The IASI, also referred to as the Association, serves as the unifying element in the profession of Structural Integration in order to perpetuate our standard of excellence for posterity. Dedicated to protecting diversity of opinion and exploration among Structural Integration approaches, our Association will enhance and foster the standards of practice, and quality of work, which embodies the Structural Integration profession pioneered by Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

Accomplishing our objectives, the Association provides:

  1. Certification of Structural Integrators;
  2. Continuing educational opportunities for members;
  3. Membership services which include liability insurance options, a website with Continuing Education calendars, newsletters, and articles, and an annual Yearbook of Structural Integration;
  4. Competency assurance including ethics and grievance procedures;
  5. Appropriate legislative support;
  6. Support for research encompassing the results and benefits of Structural Integration;
  7. Support for new employment opportunities for Structural Integration practitioners; and
  8. An on-going forum for the exchange of ideas and research among practitioners, educators, and Structural Integration Schools.

Currently, IASI is being developed by a founding Board of Directors supported by the efforts of other concerned practitioners, who are volunteering their time and money. This organization should be fully functioning by the middle of 2004. To that end we need your help now.

Take a look at each of the sections of this site and contact us if you have any questions regarding the organization. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

JULY 2004: The grandfathering deadline for entry into IASI has passed. If you missed this deadline for some reason, and would still like to join, the IASI Board will be considering late requests. Please send in your application materials along with a short letter explaining your reasons for delay and we will contact you about the Board’s decision.

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