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To be approved as a Type I course, please submit the following information below along with the Background Information form for all presenters. Type I courses are Structural Integration workshops, and require approval by the CE committee. Type II courses include all other bodywork courses and require only the Background Information form.

  1. Outline of the workshop—Include dates, times and location. Be as specific as possible with time schedule and include all breaks. Credit hours are assigned on a per hour basis and do not include breaks.
  2. Summary of the information—Please describe the relevance to Structural Integration; content of the workshop; method of instruction; how you have evaluated the content for accuracy.
  3. Application Fee—$50 application fee is required to process the application.
  4. Attendance Verification—at the conclusion of the workshop certificates of completion must be given to all participants who finished the course, and the provider must retain records of all participants for IASI verification if needed.

Please use your browser to print this form and mail it along with the above information and check (made out to IASI) to

IASI, P.O. Box 8664, Missoula, MT 59807

It takes two to three weeks to process all information. You will be notified after the application has been reviewed. Once the course has been approved it will be listed on the IASI members-only page, and in the IASI newsletter sent quarterly to members. Programs are only valid for the dates and times listed, unless otherwise noted. Significant changes to a workshop must be submitted to IASI for additional review. IASI retains the right to request further information.

CE Provider Application

Please provide the following information (required fields are in RED)

(1) Provider Name:
(2) Street Address:
(3) City:
(4) State/Province:
(5) Zip/Post Code:
(6) Country:
(7) Phone:
(8) E-mail:

(9) Education: Please list all education beyond high school, year graduated, and school.

(10) Teaching Experience:

(11) Course Outline:

(12) Course Summary:

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