Board of Directors Responsibilities and Election Process

One of the most important indicators of the health of an organization is the strength of its board of directors.

Professional Members of the International Association of Structural integrators (IASI) are encouraged to, in accordance with the nominating process described below, identify, nominate and elect board members.

Board-Member Responsibilities. Board members of IASI are selected in the belief that each will support and further the organization’s mission and work; that each will devote time, talent, and energy to the organization; and that each will objectively and appropriately engage in deliberations and decisions relating to IASI programs and activities.

In addition to the above, board members are asked to do the following:

  1. Participate fully in the organization by regularly attending board meetings and the Annual Meeting.

    Attendance at board and committee meetings—in person, or, if necessary, over the phone—enables the board to learn firsthand and deliberate thoughtfully about current programs, plans, challenges and problems. Board members are expected to review meeting agendas and supporting materials prior to board meetings, and be prepared to discuss these materials at the meetings.

    The board meets quarterly, either in person or via teleconference; the Annual Meeting (in-person attendance required) is held in the fall. Committees meet as required, either in person or via conference call.

  2. Be willing to serve on and/or chair board committees or special task forces that may be established.

    Board members are expected to play active roles in IASI, under the leadership of the President and the Executive Director, contributing their expertise through serving on or chairing any board committees or task forces that may be created. All board members are expected to serve on at least one (1) board committee.

  3. Keep informed about relevant issues affecting the organization.

    Informed board members are more effective board members and ambassadors for IASI. In addition to materials regularly provided to the board by the staff, IASI members are encouraged and expected to keep current on societal and community issues relating to and/or affecting IASI and the Structural Integration profession.

  4. Support, and be responsive to communications from, IASI leadership, fellow board members, and IASI members/prospective members.

    Board members are expected to support the Executive Director and President in his/her roles, and to communicate with and be accessible to them. Board members are expected to respond promptly and courteously to communications from the Executive Director, President, fellow board members, and members/prospective members of IASI.

Qualifications: All candidates must be Professional Members in good standing of IASI, must be willing to meet IASI’s requirements for board service (above), and must be willing to serve a term of at least two (2) years.

IASI is committed to diversity in all aspects of its operations, including diversity of skills, gender, geography and ethnicity.

Self-nominations are encouraged.

Board nominations and elections. IASI board members are elected annually in the fall, prior to the Annual Meeting, via written ballot. Professional Members may submit to the President, in writing at any time, the names of nominees for the board of directors, but all nominations must be received no later than 90 days before of the Annual Meeting at which the next board terms will commence. Nomination letters should delineate the proposed candidate’s qualifications for IASI board service.

Voting process. The Executive Committee of the IASI board serves as the nominating committee, and at least 60 days before the Annual Meeting will review nominations received, vote on a slate of final candidates, and circulate those names and a written ballot to the Professional Members for consideration and election.

Those ballots must be postmarked or electronically transmitted 30 days before the designated date of the Annual Meeting to a designated independent third party appointed by IASI and certified in the State of Montana as a member of the Montana Mediation Association. The independent third party will tabulate the ballots, certify the results, and report them in writing or in person to the Board and Members of the Corporation at the Annual Meeting. Each board member’s term commences at the board meeting held in conjunction with the IASI Annual Meeting.

Non-Member Directors. The Board may nominate and elect by majority vote of the Board up to two Non-Member Directors from outside the Corporation who have skills and expertise that the board has deemed especially helpful to IASI. Although approval of those Non-Member Directors does not require approval of the Professional Members of the Corporation, any Member may nominate Non-Member candidates, in writing, for the Board’s consideration.


90 days before Annual Meeting: Professional Members nominate board candidates in writing.

60 days before Annual Meeting: IASI Executive Committee provides Professional Members with a written slate of board candidates and a written ballot.

30 days before Annual Meeting: Professional Members return completed ballots to independent third party.

At Annual Meeting: Election results are announced and board terms commence.

Within 60 days of Annual Meeting: Full IASI membership informed in writing of board election results.

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