• Certification as a Professional Structural Integration practitioner.
    Assurance of standards in the field.
  • Professional SI Journal
  • SI Symposium with presentations and workshops
  • Liability Insurance through the ABMP (a brochure will be included in your membership packet explaining how to obtain the $50 discount on acceptance into the IASI). Other insurance products is also available from ABMP. Contact them for more information.
  • Practitioner locator service
  • Newsletter
  • Website with a public education service and a private membership area with forums, information, and research library
  • Marketing Materials
  • Licensing support
  • High quality continuing education opportunities
  • Fraternity & Collegiality

*¬óWe have been offering membership benefits since the beginning of 2003. Additional benefits will be phased in as the organization grows and as financial and staffing requirements are met.


Current practitioners of Structural Integration will have the opportunity to be grandfathered into the organization for a limited time. Grandfathering will be available until June 2004.

Requirements for being grandfathered will be based on the number of hours of SI training, a certificate or letter of graduation, and “before and after” photographs of 10-series work. We ask that those being grandfathered also take the written exam so that we can evaluate its efficacy. Passing it will not be required at this time.


  1. Professional Member
    Practitioners of Structural Integration who have passed the certification process, or have been grandfathered. Continuing education is required to keep membership current.Dues are based on the primary country of applicant’s practice.

    • $150 US/year for US, UK, and European applicants
    • $100 US/year for Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, and Japanese applicants
    • $75 US/year for Puerto Rico, South and Central American applicants
  2. Friend
    People who wish to support Structural Integration but are not practitioners.
    • $50 US/year
  3. Student
    Students of Structural Integration or those considering training.
    • $50 US/year

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