IASI is a skills-based organization, not school-based. To that end, certification is intended to ensure that all members share the fundamental basics of Structural Integration. Applicants will be tested for beginning level skills. Those found lacking will be exempted from professional membership until these skills are gained.


There will be written, oral, and hands-on evaluations that will cover:

  • ACADEMICS: anatomical landmarks, Physiology terms, connective tissue mechanics, gravity, biomechanics, and familiarity with the goals and territories of the traditional 10-series.
  • PHOTOGRAPHS: submittal of “before and after” photos of 10-series work, with explanations of structural assessments, strategy, and results.
  • ASSESSMENT SKILLS: basic body reading, biomechanics, familarity with 10-session series strategy, ability to construct non-recipe series.
  • QUALITY OF TOUCH: contact and presence; confidence; practitioner biomechanics.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEMEANOR: clear boundaries; appearance; client safety & referral procedure; communication; collegiality; intake process.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION: members are required to take 36 CE units of a class on Structural Integration ever 2 years